CPUBalance 1.0

Improve the system responsiveness by preventing processes from hogging the CPU

CPUBalance allows users to monitor and prevent the processes that are running in a computer from hogging the Central Processing Unit. Even the most performant PC can be tuned, thanks to the ProBalance algorithm that can save users from a hard reboot in case of a worst-case scenario.

The application can be run either with Process Lasso or as a standalone program. Its installation process goes smoothly and doesn't require advanced computer skills. The UI has a basic appearance and incorporates very few customization options. It misses color themes and the buttons are a bit laggy.

With CPUBalance, users can run real-live demos, or try real-world instructions. This is possible thanks to the ProBalance algorithm that is able to retain system responsiveness during high CPU loads. Users have the option to view in-depth details about actions taken by CPUBalance, which include the name of the process, the time the action was taken, the name of the user and the PC and several other pieces of information. Note that this is possible by examining the log file, which can be saved as a CSV file for further use.

In conclusion, CPUBalance is a useful tool for improving your computer's behavior. Its price is decent and it doesn't consume a high amount of resources, so it is worth trying.

John Saunders
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  • Can save log files
  • Incorporates the ProBalance algorithm
  • Allows for log file examination


  • Lacks color themes
  • Has an outmoded interface
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